Low glycemic index foods list pdf

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Low glycemic index foods list pdf: The glycemic index (GI) is a measurement scale that ranks foods containing carbohydrates based on how quickly they raise blood sugar levels. In today’s article, know what is glycemic index, low and high glycemic index foods, and get the latest low glycemic index foods list in pdf format. So stay with us and get important health related PDF files, which can be used as pocket book.

What is Glycemic Index?

Sometimes we hear about glycemic index (GI). So have you ever tried to learn about it? If you haven’t heard, let us tell you that it is a measure of carbohydrates present in food. If your food has a high glycemic index, it can affect your health in several ways. Especially it makes the condition of diabetes more serious. In such situations, it is always recommended to eat foods with a low glycemic index.

Glycemic Index Food Chart

  • Banana: Medium GI (around 51)
  • Sweet Potato: Medium to High GI (ranging from 44 to 94 depending on variety and preparation)
  • Oatmeal: Low to Medium GI (around 55)
  • Coconut Sugar: Medium GI (around 54)
  • Apple: Low to Medium GI (around 36)
  • Potato: High GI (around 85)
  • Rice (Brown): Medium GI (around 50)
  • Watermelon: High GI (around 76)
  • Popcorn: Low to Medium GI (around 55)
  • Honey: High GI (around 58)
  • Basmati Rice: Medium GI (around 58)
  • White Rice: High GI (around 73)
  • Grapes: High GI (around 59)
  • Dates: High GI (around 103)
  • Maltodextrin: High GI (around 110)
  • Carrots: Low to Medium GI (around 41)
  • Strawberry: Low GI (around 40)

20 Low Glycemic Index Foods

FoodsGlycemic Index (GI)
Nuts:Varies (low)
Sweet Potatoes:61
Berries:Varies (low)
Greek Yogurt:11
Brown Rice:50
Green Peas:54
Cauliflower:Varies (low)
Cottage Cheese:4
Eggplant:Varies (low)
Spinach:Varies (low)
Mushrooms:Varies (low)
Zucchini:Varies (low)
Avocado:Varies (very low)

20 High Glycemic Index Foods

FoodGlycemic Index (GI)
White Bread:75
Instant Rice:91
Russet Potato:111
Rice Cakes:82
Graham Crackers:74
Couscous:65-87 (depends on type)
Sports Drinks:78
French Fries:75
Instant Oatmeal:79
Rice Pasta:92
Jelly Beans:80

Dear viewer, please note that the actual glycemic index may vary based on factors such as maturity and cooking method. The mentioned values ​​are approximate and these values ​​are considered based on reliable estimates available data.

Low Glycemic Index Foods List pdf

Low glycemic index foods list pdf
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